• Produce a better experience for the park visitor

  • Collect data from users by using the app

  • Create an app that will set a new standard in its field, available to theme parks around the world

End of the paper map era. A case study for an amusement park mobile app that studies user behavior and makes custom itineraries.

Park App


Group 81.png


  • Plan and design a questionnaire that helps define the entire group's needs as well as individual user preferences

  • Create fun and intuitive app

  • Designing an editable itinerary 

Project Workflow
User Scenarios

Pain points and needs by group type

Adult friends

A group of adults will often prefer to take the reins into their own hands, not using the custom  made itinerary. 

​Users who:

  • Know in advance which attractions they want to ride

  • Want recommendations about restaurants

  • Hate those damned queue lines!


Families might spend several days in the park. Each member has different needs and wants, due to age differences.

Family considerations: ​

  • Age and height restrictions

  • The need to go to the toilet can arise quickly

  • Can get tired after a long walk

  • Babies and toddlers

  • Pregnant women

Group of teenagers

Comes for a day and wants to make the most of their stay. 

Their top priority is to get on as many rides as possible.


  • Can be hectic, and irresponsible

  • Highly individual

  • Indecisive, which can lead to wasted time

  • May have age and height restrictions


Log in & Onboarding

Informative and motivation booster

A welcome@2x.png
B Login – 1@2x.png
B Login – 2@2x.png
B Login – 4@2x.png

Group questionnaire

Defines group restrictions and route nature

C Whatsup – 1@2x.png
C Whatsup – 2@2x.png

Progress Indicator - gives a sense of orientation.

Big bold title - suitable for Difficult visibility conditions, i.e. walking on a sunny day.

Big buttons with big icons - for easy and quick access.  Gives the user the feeling that they are playing a game.

Big "Next" CTA button - located in the same place throughout all screens. For ease of use and improved flow.

Visitor information & preferences

Defines route nature

Visitor information that will determine which rides they may not go on and impacts the itinerary.

Group 7@2x.png
Group 8@2x.png

Visitor personal preferences, Will Impact the itinerary.

"Team leader" feature - letting the responsible adult take charge.

C Whatsup – 4@2x.png
Group 8@2x.png

Letting the visitors choose an avatar is a ​fun and playful way to individualize the user while giving the group full control over preferences. 

Group 8@2x.png
Group 7@2x.png
C Whatsup – 5@2x.png
C Whatsup – 6@2x.png
Group of teenagers
Group of teenagers
Group of teenagers

Navigating through the park

Get familiar with the generated itinerary and the way to alternate it

Map screen - Open drawer

Itinerary drawer- Shows basic information and a picture of the next attraction.

  • Slide the drawer down to minimize, or up, to expand.

  • Pressing the card will take you to the attraction page.

  • Tapping the hurt will add it to the user favorites list.

  • Tapping the options button will open the options tab.

D map – 2@2x.png
Group 7@2x.png

Expanded drawer mode

"Add a Stop"- is a fast way to find attractions and facilities around you. Made with families in mind.

"Up Next"- The full itinerary​, showing with cards the user can scroll, or edit through the options tab.

E nav - -1@2x.png

List tab

Navigation tab

E nav - 3@2x.png

Minimized drawer mode 

Shows only basic information about the next attraction-  Free the rest of the screen for exploring the map.

Group 6@2x.png
Adult friends

Options tab

I had to choose how to narrow options in the tab so it will not overwhelm the user and harden him the make a decision.

More important and frequent actions located at top of the bar.

Atraction page

F ride – 3@2x.png
UI Design

The colors were influenced by old rides from the early 19 century. The old rouge and turquoise got a modern twist.

The ivory got toned down to be useful as a clear background.

Color scheme 
Get your tickets,
ladies & gentlemen!

Another influence on the design where the unique shape and graphics of old tickets. 

Next Project

Covalent pro

Prototyping & Animations (video)

A new way to experience theme parks

6 Dashboard – 7@2x.png