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A total redesign of a web platform, offering automated investment processes, helping new investors break into the cryptocurrency world.

Covalent pro

Business goals

  • To offer a superior ETF platform that will better suit the needs and requirements of entry-level users

  • Streamlining the onboarding process, to minimize bounce rate


  • Making complex technical and financial concepts accessible and clear

  • Redesign the onboarding process that consists of many steps, making it user-friendly as possible

  • Encourage users to invest, by designing a platform that feels reliable and innovative

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User research

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User journey




UI Design

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User research

Built from scratch, my job includes finding the product "market fit". 

Following user research, I found that "Covalent pro" needs to focus its efforts on people who don't own any cryptocurrency. This is due to two reasons:

  • 82% Of existing crypto investors own more than one type of crypto coin, making "Covalent pro" services less attractive

  • It is more likely for a new investor to join the service, compared to one who is already using a different platform

The main pain points addressed by our potential users:


Legitimacy of cryptocurrencies and fear of fraud or insufficient security


The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and can be scary


Lack of Knowledge  about the crypto  investment world and it's terms

"I want to know everything before I invest. Then, to give my money and forget about it"

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Planning the screen order was guided by the following:

Simplicity and clarity -

Simplifying the registration process by minimizing informational and visual clutter. This is achieved by exposing the user to only the most pertinent information at the relevant time.

Transparency -

The User should be aware of how long the process might take, with the aim of minimizing the chance of being surprised by the number of stages or the length of time they weren't expecting.

Positive image -

Using additional screens to instill a sense of reliability and competence. 

I followed the same guidelines while designing the individual wireframes.

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UI Design

Visuals and symbols

The turmoil of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could threaten and cause a large potential audience to avoid investing.


One of the key traits of Covalent is to mitigate the risk the user is exposed to by investing in multiple currencies, reflected in a less frenetic graph that new and less experienced users may relate to.

Turning this
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Into this
Using it as a graphic signature of the Covalent brand

Color scheme 

I used cobalt purple-blue as the predominant color. Cold purple is a soothing color that conveys the emotions of innovation, authority, and knowledge.










Source Sans Pro


38px Semi Bold

A a   B b   C c   D d   E e   F f


24px Semi Bold

0   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9


20px Regular

!   @   #   $   %   ^   &   *   (   )


18px Regular


15px Regular

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Selected wireframes from the project.

1 Landing page – 2@2x.png

Landing Page

A simple and clean design that aims to convey quality and restraint on the one hand and technological innovation on the other

Addressing pain points in optional users

Video explaining the product, how it works. It also addresses some of the users' pain points

Article area. Shows seriousness and knowledge.

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Sign Up

Takes place before the onboarding and gives us the user's email. We will contact him if he did not proceed with the onboarding process.


The main challenge was the onboarding - a process which consists of many steps, third-party sign-ups, and long, tedious waiting times to even get started. We wanted to simplify and reduce friction for the user as much as possible, as well as reducing anxiety and trust issues that might arise from dealing with money, specifically cryptocurrency.

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About the Covalent pro team

Guides and articles

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Like the rest of the site, the dashboard should reflect on the one hand professionalism and technological pioneering, and on the other hand be simple to understand without too many options, which can confuse the average user. The most important thing for the user who comes to check the condition of his money from time to time is the balance. Therefore appears in a major central place. Design - clean and minimalist, a little pleasant decoration in the connection of the panel on the left.

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In order to create a clear and uniform design throughout the entire process, each question gets its own page.

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Prototyping & Micro Interactions (video)

Next Project

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