The Ad Wiz

Un ai-powered web app that makes digital marketing simple, approachable, and affordable for micro and small businesses.
Done in colaboration with Shlomi Atia

Business goals

  • Designing an MVP for the creation and management of  Facebook and Instagram advertisements

  • Collecting data from users for future improvements

  • Encouraging the users to register for an annual fee


  • Streamline the onboarding process and prevent abandon

  • Making the marketing world accessible to inexperienced users

My role: UX designer and product manager

User research
User journey
Usability testing
Users research

Insights regarding of micro-businesses marketing needs.


Learning marketing adequately requires a lot of time and effort


Most small businesses cannot afford a long-term marketer


The smartphone is the main tool for a small business owner

"I used to advertise the business online, but the time it required of me was too great and did not pay off."


Everybody has a Facebook business page


Creating a Facebook business page within the system is an unnecessary feature for the MVP stage, contrary to entrepreneurial requirements.

Personas - Meet Dana & Asa 

Based on our user research we have created personas that represent two different usage scenarios:

Dana, 31
Yoga instructor
  • Looking for returning customers

  • Very active on Instagram, has a  Facebook business page

  • Invested in an online campaign in the past, but the results were unsatisfactory

Everyday tools

Social networks  Presence

Digital marketing  Experience

/ 10


/ 10


  • Looking to expand his customer base

  • Usually, the business is advertised by word of mouth

  • His son maintains the business' Facebook and Instagram profiles

Everyday tools

Social networks  Presence

Digital marketing  Experience

Asa, 56
Catering owner

/ 10


/ 10


User journey

We found two main pain points (        ) that arise from the process:

  • Profile set up-  Long and tedious step and can make the user nervous, impatient, and hesitant.

  • Payment- Don't we all think twice before reaching our wallet?

Next, we concentrated on the Profile set-up stage, trying to neutralize any emotions that arise in the user.

Usability testing

Wizard or chatbot, which will be better for The Ad Wiz users?

We compared the two methods using three indicators: benefit, satisfaction, and efficiency as our experiment participants answered 10 questions regarding the nature of their business and ideal customer.



An intriguing method that shows potential for answering closed questions in a chat format.


Classic and simple- Each closed question got its own screen. The 'next' button becomes the user's best friend. 



Some loved it, some hated it and it's human-like (but not quite) behavior.      A chatbot is clearly not everyone's cup of tea. 

Well, wizards are not that thrilling, that's true, but all the users showed great satisfaction from its simplicity and visual elegance. 



The questions on both platforms were identical and the users were able to complete the questionnaire adequately. 



Here the chatbot clearly failed to impress. Every time a user gets a question wrong and has to go back, the bot presents the previous question again on the bottom of the screen. This results in a bad sense of orientation as the two questions repeat twice.

In this division, the wizard won big. Not only did the users complete the step faster, but it was also clear that they were performing it with less mental effort.

The look


The Takeaway

  • Wizard method is better for our users 

  • Questions about the ideal customer gave small business owners the confidence to continue forward. thus, we reordered the questions in the "Profile set-up".


Campaign set up

Managing platform

Profile set up

Profile set up

Campaign set up

Managing platform

Business Quiz

Sign Up

Landing Page

FB Business Page Select

Detail Confimation

3-6 Questions

Ideal Customer

3-6 Questions

Approve Payment

Approve Campaign

Preview & Confirm Ads

Create Campaign

"Profile set-up Completed"

New Campaign

3-6 Questions

"Campaign Launched"

Edit Ads

Set Campaign Objectives

"Creat Campaign Later"






Selected wireframes from the project.

Business Page synce

To facilitate the information entry stage, the system will import data, photos, and videos from the business's Facebook page. All that's left for the user is to confirm the details.

FB business page select
Landing page
Details confirmation
Wizard Questionnaire

In order to create a clear and uniform design throughout the entire process, each question gets its own page.

Ideal Customer

During usability testing we found this set of questions to be encouraging and motivating to the user. For this reason, we decided to place it in the middle of the process.

Profile set up

Well Done!

Each set of questions ends with a motivational screen, providing positive feedback and information about the next step.

Campaign Goals

The user may choose between setting the campaign goal themselves (advanced) or letting The Ad Wiz "do its magic" (recommended)

Campaign Preview

The ads are created automatically based on information entered by the user and visual materials found on the user's Facebook page.

We use this crucial step to indicate some of the benefits of the system so the user may base their decisions to continue on more than just the graphic results.

Campaign set up


Managing platform

Campaigns Screen

Displays data and insights on active campaigns in a clear and concise manner. Tapping a campaign tab allows the user to see more information and make changes.

Once a new campaign has undergone automatic optimization, a message will appear stating it.

Small Steps

Located on The home screen, the "Tips & Tasks" section provides real-time feedback on posts and images, therefore forming a consistent relationship with the user.


The "Tips & Tasks" can also be seen in a "Schedule" view.

Desktop Dashboard